Cadets: New! Sign up to fly by selecting your desired date. The link will take you to EventBrite where you can sign up if space is available. To sign up, select a quantity of "1" Cadet ticket, then click on Register.  Enter your first and last name and you must provide a valid email address where the pilot can contact you.

Go here to see the list of available dates.

Helpful Information
The Cadet Orientaion Flight Syllabus is CAPP 52-7.
COWG has two ASK21 gliders - awesome to fly!
Glider flights follow Flight 1 through 5 in the Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus.
Uniform for gliders: BDUs with tennis shoes, OR khaki-type pants and CAP logo'd T-shirt with tennis shoes. NO hats with buttons on top (baseball cap with button).

More information here: http://www.cowgglidercap.org/

Contact Cadet Sponsor Jim Schafer jimschafertvcscap@gmail.com
TVCS is lucky to have a glass cockpit Cessna 182 and access to a "regular" Cessna 182 - and lots of willing O'ride pilots!
Power flights follow Flight 6 through 10 in the Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus.
QUESTIONS? Contact 1st Lt Kononen pvtpilot@gmail.com