KFNL Badges

If you work on aircrews or otherwise need access to the Northern Colorado Regional Air's ramp area, you will need an "Air Operation Area (AOA) Badge."  This can be obtained at your own expense from the airport office.

To apply for a badge (good for 2 years):

Step 1: Download the application (click on AOA Badge Application at: http://www.flynoco.com/access-badging/ ).

Step 2: With the attached form, you'll need to fill out the information and then have the squadron badge officer (Alex Nuckols) sign this. Two options:
  1. Electronic option: If you are familiar with how to fill out the attached form electronically, feel free to fill it out, send it to the badge officer, get the officer's electronic signature on it and sent back to you so you can print it out and bring it in
  2. Printed option: If you want the badging officer to sign a physical copy, work out a way to get it signed. One way is to bring a completed app to the CAP meeting; another is to have the officer sign it later at the airport, although the airport staff prefer that it is signed ahead of time.
Step 3: When going to the airport (4900 Earhart Rd, Loveland, CO 80538; fire authority building to your left before you reach the terminal parking lots) with the application, make sure you call ahead to the airport manager (970-962-2852) to make sure they are around for a while, and make sure you have:
  • a physical signed copy of this application with
    • your signatures and info
    • and the badge officer's signature, etc. (in the Signatory area)
  • a passport, or a combo of Driver license and Social Security card (or as listed in the last sheet)
  • time to review the training presentation
  • time to take the test
  • credit card, preferably, for the $20 charge (this is at your own expense)
  • expect to have your photo taken
To renew an existing badge (good for 2 years):

Go to the airport office with:
  • Your old badge
  • credit card, preferably, for the $20 charge (this is at your own expense)
The airport may request to see that you have possession of your badge each year.