Emergency Services

TVCS Training Days!
  • Training days will be conducted at the Loveland Fort Collins Airport.  The event will occur on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 0800 - 1300, please remember to bring sunscreen, jacket, water and snacks.  The topics we cover can include :  MRO, MSA, UDF, FLM, and others when possible.  Cadets, please indicate your availability for O-Rides in the registration.
  • UOD for Cadets will be BDUs, Seniors should wear Blue Polo, Flight suit allowed for seniors if participating as aircrew.
We will muster at the hangar, if you don't have an airport badge please call the event point of contact and muster at the CAP vehicles in the lot
  • Point of Contact :  
    • Lt Carl McPhail
    • ES Officer for TVCS

Carl McPhail, Lt, Emergency Services Officer

Thompson Valley Composite Squadron