CAP Driver's License application

Application Process:
1.  Fill out COWG 75
2.  Get Squadron Commander's approval (via email is fine)
3.  Pick up a copy of your driving record from the local DMV
4.  Read the requirements in CAPR 77-1
5.  Scan and email COWG75 and DMV driving history to 1Lt Mark Hudgins at
Mark is the Wing Transportation Officer and tries to turn DL requests around in 1 week - his contact details are: 
1Lt Mark Hudgins, CAP
Transportation Officer
(719) 238-6276 cell
(719) 476-4834 office (personal e-mail) (work e-mail)
On receipt of your CAP Driver's License:
Scan or print a copy to the Squadron Personnel Officer
Grasp your driver's license in you left hand, place your right hand on your heart and:
Stand in the middle of the north bound lane of I-25 chanting " I faithfully promise never to dent our new van" (ok, so this is purely optional and not recommended)